Radar level transmitter / for solids / for tanks / TDR guided wave radar max. 20 m, max. 100 °C, max. 16 bar | OPTIFLEX 1100C KROHNE Messtechnik

The Steered Radar (TDR) stage indicator OPTIFLEX 1100 C is the price-efficient Steered Radar resolution. It is for incessant height calculation of solids and fluids, price-efficient two-wire ring-controlled Steered Radar stage indicator and instinctive five-step fast arrangement process. This appliance is a two-wire Steered Radar stage indicator for calculating expanse, height, capacity and heap of solids and fluids. Its plain solid plan enables repair technicians to rapidly bring together the probe and fix it to a stranded association. It is a reasonably priced resolution for appliances that do not need a high level of precision and is as well, an outstanding substitute to conventional stage switches such as conductive, Radio Frequency Capacitance and Differential pressure transmitters. The exhibit can be ordered with the appliance or as an accomplice. It displays calculation information on a monitor of 128 × 64 pixels. The design menu authorizes the appliance to be installed in a small number of instinctive steps.

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